Competence indicator

On October 20, 16, the competency indicator test was conducted. According to the test I am a rider. That means I have no trouble finding new ideas, being demanding for myself and rather being conceptual and strategic. A detailed explanation can be found in the attachment.

I think the test is all right. I like making decisions and I’m also innovative. I usually think about ideas that nobody will agree at first sight but after a thorough explanation and conviction, everyone agrees with it. For example; I am a member of an association called BS Platform Gent. It is an association founded for and by students. There we discuss about travesl, exam camps, etc. During the consultation, my idea is usually asked. After a thorough consultation, I usually convince the members to apply my idea. In terms of innovation, I am also innovative. I do not like doing things the same thing and would like to have changes in my life. I usually look to the future and want to implement and realize my ideas. It’s therefore hard to make me think about a subject.

My weaknesses are, according to the test, I do not like getting guidance, working in a team and managing time. This is all right. I love being free. No one should lead me and prefer not to say what to do if, for example, someone says that someone needs help, I’ll let me lead. Time management is indeed nothing for me. For example, I pay my bill of my Visa card usually the last day, which sometimes causes me trouble. Working in a team is not really my thing. When you work in a team, you have to wait for others, follow the schedule strictly and constantly discuss what is really not something for me. I can not follow a schedule strictly. I have to do everything myself and organize myself to work as efficiently as possible.

Decision: The test is correct and has a good picture of myself. I’m indeed innovative, please take decisions, do not like working in a team, prefer not to be guided by someone and managing time is not quite my thing.