DISC test

On 26 October ’16 I performed the DISC test. According to the test, my four DISC factors are as follows: Stable, Dominant, Conscientious, and Influence. My clearest behavioral style is stable, followed by dominant. The impression I make on the people is described as follows:

“I have clear thoughts and a natural need for objectivity and analysis. I like clearly defined plans. In addition, I have more logic than emotion. I’m probably very good at solving difficult technical problems. I have strong inner motivation to achieve personal goals. Perhaps I would like to be “the expert” in my field. ”

The four DISC factors as the description are correct. I am usually patient, calm and controlled. I like to help others and I will be happy if I can help others. Routine work, with little variation, is also not something for me. I usually feel boring and tired of it.

I also like to have competences and challenges, I usually want to be in charge, I’m not rushed and I’m usually self-employed. For example, at school, I would like to, if possible, always make the tasks and talks independent. This makes me feel comfortable, I’m in charge of the topics and schedules and I can handle everything at ease. Let others take initiative and wait for them is definitely not my thing.

I’m not fighting in general and avoid as many risks as possible. First, I make sure everything is well analyzed, stable and organized before I take risks. Everything must be worked out according to the procedures so that I do not get into trouble later. I’m usually satisfied and change me soon if something has changed. Restrictions should not be submitted to me because I can not achieve 100%.

Finally, I would like to know people too but I’m not socially active. When someone comes to talk, I talk further and I build a relationship, but not conversely. I will never talk to someone. I think it’s more enjoyable to be independent and work alone.