In this video, Muhammet Cin described me. He explained my positive as my negative points. I know him from Lucerna College Gent. Because we have known each other for years, I asked him to describe me. To view the video you must enter a password. The password can be requested by mail or personally for privacy reasons.

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I think all that he said in the video is correct. I like to help people, be trustworthy and friendly and usually say what I have in mind. The only problem I have is that I’m asocratic. I can not make friends quickly and do not talk to others before they start talking with me. I just take distance from everyone because I do not dare to talk immediately and can easily close friendship. Of course, this does not mean that I do not like or dislike others. I love everyone and have no objection to anyone. This is a workpoint that I have to work a lot of. Of course I do something for that. For example, I am a member of a student association called BS Platform Gent, and sometimes we visit elderly homes and orphanages, organize camps and activities, etc. I talk to others and try to be more social.