Ofman test

On October 23, ’16, I conducted the Ofman test to find out my core quadrants. My core qualities according to the test are “responsibility”, “helpfulness” and “reliability”. This is true, because responsibility, support and reliability are paramount. I would like to demonstrate this with some examples:

  • When my grandparents travel, I get the responsibility for the papers that arrives, that must be filled in and the payments that have to be made.
  • I am a member of the BS Platform Gent Foundation and every year we visit a rest house and we gladly help older people.
  • Most of my friends tell their secrets to me, because they know that their secrets are safe with me and will not be overlooked.

Each core quality, of course, also has a pitfall. The pitfalls of my core qualities are “tobben”, “awkward” and “boring”. I’m sometimes cheeky, but I’m never awkward and boring. If I get an important responsibility sometimes, I think about it a lot and worry about it.

The qualities I’m worse off are according to the test “indifference”, “let go” and “innovative”. I feel worse for people who are indifferent and let go of something. This is because they almost never show interest and never annoy anything. But I’m not allergic to innovative people. Innovativity is, in my view, a very positive aspect that stimulates the development of society better and faster.

Lastly, the features are missing, at least according to the test, as follows; “Let go”, “indifferent” and “arbitrary”. This is true partly but not entirely. If my responsibility is imposed, I am worried not to be able to handle that responsibility. If I leave it on occasion or leave indifferent, I may be less stressed. I do not want the feature arbitrary. Making arbitrary decisions without a certain conviction that argumentation really is not something for me.